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wee good day!

Went to nundah cemetary with chrisx where we had a biig long talk and a smoke...was heaps of fun...then I went shopping and bought... (i must list it all it was fantastic)

-purple weed lighter
-a door hanging that says 'BE BACK AT 4.20'
-pocket sized butane
-lepoard print headband
-MORE sunnies
-A huge skull with a purple mohawk!!!
-HUGE skull ashtray
-12340982304 boxes of incense
-heaps of coloured candles
-Dog collar...for me of corse:P

And i think thats it!

in the spirit of christianity

happy easter yall!

and special thanks to Christ for being a great friend latly:D


AND congrats to belle for the job interview

and congrats to me for being so cool!

Tonight, heading off to christs for a smoke up and post easter feast! chocolate cake salads and chicken galore!

stupid boys.

I am beyond overwhealmed at this moment.

With no ciggarettes to calm me! oh god. The cure, my beautiful!

I think im falling for you again.

Im torn between to worlds!

geh, why why why...no fair! anyway..

its been a great couple of weeks! parting constantly....spent most of my weeks with christ...and i thank you for it darl! ive had fun!

Miss you all...especially belle!

Christs bday

ChrisX 20th bday tomorrow!! share the love people!


Have you ever heard the sound
Have your head in the ground
And your afraid to say
That it wont go away

Thats the sound of your braincracking
thats the sound of your braincracking
thats the sound of your braincracking

(Doof friendly!)

everything dies...

Im really effing bored! and hey! i finally signed into msn! Went to town nice and early today after spending two days locked away in my room with belle smoking and smoking and smoking...haha yeh it was great! met up with saz in town and we gots movies! watched them till 2 in the morning and her dad just droped me off.

oh yeh! ive decided to become a mortician! hehe good occupation huh:)
I was watching some horror movie where this lady moves her family to a remote town to be a mortician...with a graveyard in her frount lawn:P *bitch!* and its inspired me! It cant be that hard, its only dead bodies...jesus! Good pickup like:P tehe. Well im going to search it up on the net..and my aunty runs a funeral home...interesting...

beh! my nose stud Broke AGAIN so now i have a sleeper in my noes and its hurts! and its extreamly irritating! i want to pull it out. ARGH FUCK ITS STUCK AND HURTS SO BAD...brb...gah got it out with much pain! noo...so i put a earstud in..and it looks stupid..but its better than nothing! geh its so sore and irritated..it feels like i just got it pierced! nooo.
I need to rant...when do i not lol.

I like someone okay...and im trying really hard! but I dont know if im getting anywhere..grrrr...

In other news...babies!

life is killing me

My life is pointless.
No! beyond pointless, I cant do anything never will. Im good at nothing i cant complete anything IM usless! absoutly useless. just a pile of fat flesh walking around taking up positive enegery and turning it negative. I dont do anytthing because I CANT DO ANTHING. I wake up everyday, my life is this wheele thats never going to stop! wake up, feel like shit, go to town BORED AND HOT go home wake up feel like shit go to town BORED AND HOT...etc. 'get a job' you say...I FUCKING HATE WORKING im just as happy without money, that makes no difference. I cry and hate life even more when im working. 'go to school' IM FUCKING DUMB AS SHIT. I cant write essays, not even if my life was on the line. I havnt compleated a school assignment since year 6!!! CMON! im shit. im really fucking stupid. i cant complete anything. NOTHING.
IM FAT. 'obease' in doctors terms. its unplesant and uncomfortable. I TRY TO LOSE WEIGHT i fucking try, ive done diets, i fucking joined a gym! I WALK EVERYWHERE! yet all that happens is that i get fatter and fatter by the day. ITS GROSE. im so uncomfortable in my body. im ugly and look like a moster from hell. fat fat fat fat faty fat fat fat fat fat f at fat fat . THATS FUCKING RIGHT.
DRUGS...THEY DONT EVEN WORK ANYFUCKINGMORE! weed just dosnt do what it used to do, it dosnt relax me, it dosnt take me to where i used to be. I hate drinking. Acids nearly impossible to get and exspensive and i dont like my brain exploding that often. so i keep trying to smoke and smoke and smoke thinking it will change but it wont. and its not. IM SO FUCKING PISSED OFF. I really hope im pmsing...i really do. I havnt got my period yet...THATS ALL I FUCKING NEED. I hate summer with a passion. WE ARENT EVEN IN SUMMER ANYMORE! its fucking autum and its HOTTER THAN SUMMER. YOU CANT DO ANYTHING BECAUSE ITS SO FUCKING HOT. AND WE DONT HAVE AIRCON BECAUSE WE ARE POOR. SO FUCKING POOR. we have money for nothing. we cant even afford food. we spend 50 dollars a week, if not that! on food..and its all vedgies!A RGH. AND MY COMPUTER IS A PEICE OF SHIT. FUCKING CRAP WHORE BITCH CUNT NOTHING WORKS. fucking msn never works thu the day...i fucking cant stand it. MY LEGS ARE SO FUCKING FAT...theres fat everywhere..everywhere i look on my body is just obese its disgusting. I just want to fucking slice it all off. I HATE IT. MY SKIN IS SO ITCHY. I FUCKING HATE THIS WEATHER. ARGH. does this even HALF explain how fucked off i am?! how SICK OF EVERYTHING I AM?!?! BECUASE I HATE NOTHING AND WILL ACHIVE TO NOTHING!? I cant do anything i have no motivation. NEVER HAVE NEVER WILL SO DONT FUCKING TELL ME ANY DIFFERENT. IF YOU EVEN FUCKING THINK ABOUT COMMENTING WITH SOME CRAP LIKE 'oh cristina! your so great tho! and beautiful!' ILL FUCKING SLICE YOUR THROAT IN YOUR SLEEP BECAUSE IM SICK OF CRAP LIKE THAT BECAUSE ITS ALL FUCKING LIES...MAYBE LIFE IS CRAP?! EVER THOUGHT ABOUT THAT ONE?! MAYBE SOME PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR NO REASON!? WHAT ABOUT THAT!...ahhh type o negative.

blah blah crap crap boo poo shit wee cum

Thought it was time for a decent entry.

well Luna is sick, so thats not cool.

tomorrow i finally see belle! YES!

Bought a type o negative cd today and headphones.

Just went thru my nonas jewellry boxes and scored heaps of awesome shit! her bday tomorrow and dads on saturday!

I was in my first car accident! chillies car got riden off! party on!
new type o album...MINE!
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