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yaaaay im sick today.

Twas at sazs last night and had to leave at 2 in the morning because i was sneezing and shivering more than breathing.

I THINK WE MAY HAVE A PLACE!!! Duv has two spare rooms and we are going to inspect/getting interviewed tomorrow. Oh god it would be great to get them! Pitty ill be sick...

Didnt get to see Ché today or hes mummy and i miss him so much i want to cry. WHY!!! WHY WORLD WHY!!! why make me sick now i have too many things to do.

Oh yeh, things with mother are great. She didnt tell me to stop smoking today...suprise yeh?! and she has done ALOT of favors for me latly. I think shes kinda got the point.

anywho. life is wonderfuly twisted!
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