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do you hate it when you see things you wish you didnt

fuck. my little happy bubble just burst...and all this slime just oozed out...hold on thats no slime thats flesh eating acid....

i choose to just ignor it.

but fuck you anyway.

i dont know what your reasoning is or if its on purpose but again FUCK YOU.

life is really difficult at the moment but im doing a good job lying to everyone and myself. I swear everything is fine...then when im trying to fall asleep at night everything just creeps up on me. so many things to worry about...

oh god my mother. Shes going through hell.

At least i have my baby. without him i couldnt do this. Ill sleep in as many graveyards and stairwells as we need as long as im with you.

going to go to Aspley Acres. huzza for trailor parks!

we've had a little bit of luck with places..but still no money...so yeh.

should be getting away from home allowence too...so a little bit more money will help!

so much crap. sooo much crap.

screw you world...your comming down with me.


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May. 23rd, 2007 10:45 pm (UTC)
Be careful there. When things get really hard you'll find he fucks off interstate. Oh wait, isn't he on the Gold Coast?

Never trust a boyfriend in a shitty time. As a general rule. At the end of the day your Mum will have to pick up the pieces that he left behind.

I guess something's happened with your Dad?
May. 24th, 2007 07:28 am (UTC)
Im not to sure how you telling me that helps in anyway but okay...hes at the gold coast with hes mother..and im meeting her tomorrow eep!

My mum will be picking up no peices, because there will be no peices to be picked! Things are going great, just finding a place is a whore and a half...but centrelink has given me away from home so that helps times ten! I spent all day going from caravan park to caravan park...rejections. glah! BUT i got money now..so screw them all! mwhaha.

I dont know if your trying to warn me or scare me off...or make me paranoid...im not to sure but all I know is that im happy and hes happy. we've had enough people open up our brains and hearts and pry around looking for something to tear us a little. from my mum, to my bestfriends, to their parents. So now its just a big fuck you to anyone who doubts me because im really sick of it all! Slowly everyone is starting to see I really like this guy. But everything takes time. We have gone thru so much shit in just 3 weeks. Enough to scare most people off. there were times in the begining when I was like...whoa..what AM i doing..but it felt right, and it was right. We've been dead broke with nothing sleeping on the street in the freezing cold, but we got thru because we had eachother.

Im guessing you already know but we're engaged. Thats how much I love him.

Listen to the album 'A hard days night' from the beetles. Thats my life atm wrapped up in one shiney compact disc.

xxx Cristina!
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