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I was just reading over all my livejournal entries...they are all bloody rants full of shit and angst. HA! and guess what?! This one is too!!

some things Ive learnt and some things i want to say...

Things get around really quickly. For instance Che and I, we have only been together for 3 days and the whole world knows! Not even 3 actully more like two lol.

Yes its true I have a boyfriend. Its so strange using that word. But it works. We work strangely. I think its the weiredness that brings us together...But I have fallen madly. very much so.

When you ask for a little help, a simple yes/no question and they blow it up into something huge, waste their time and blame you and make you feel ten times worse in the end. I only asked if we could stay...i didnt ask anything else you took that apon yourselfs and you think you can give ME shit? pfft.

LIES get around quickly and people are stupid enough to believe them. Even your close friends. Whats even worse is if you dont know if what you've been told is true or if the person who is meant to be a good friend is using reverse pcyhology.

Do the absolutle opisite of what anyone tells you

Graveyards are really not comfortable places to sleep, even if its dead pretty:P

You can go on for hours making up jokes about your local residents in the graveyard. like...'This party has turned to shit man, youd think someone had died!'

Sleeping in stairwells is fun. Because you can graffiti on everything and write rants all over the floor. But its not cool when you wake up.

Botanical gardens are the shiz


I need sleep. Proper sleep. Good sleep on a comfy bed. Valium sleep. Cones sleep!

I LOST MY BUDS IN THE CEMETARY. god damnit. stupid peice of shit. when i woke up..wait...did i really sleep? I dont remember but when I got up i must have dropped it..so we cheked yesterday and it wasnt there *tear*

I have one cigarette to last me all day..re rolling it.

Well im coughing my guts up and it hurts. so goodbye.

i miss che already damnit.


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May. 1st, 2007 11:51 am (UTC)
Thanks for no details but.....when and how did you hook up? Sunday arvo?
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